"We help to grow your business by increasing employees performance through Biohacking"

Biohack Corp. primarily targets U.S. companies with the goal of helping their employees achieve work-life balance, improve their self-confidence and emotional intelligence, and gain new skills that will help their personal and professional development.

  • 1 Step Problem Analysis
    First, we will conduct interviews with the owner and employees of the company to determine the areas that need improvement.

    Biohack Corp's staff will analyze the results and determine
    which service and approach will be most appropriate for each client company, ensuring a high level of personalized service.
  • 2 Step Nutrition Literacy Training
    The Company's nutritional activities will focus on analyzing the nutritional situation in your company, conducting lectures and trainings on healthy eating, creating a nutritional plan for the company's employees, and assisting in its implementation.

    Biohack Corp. supports employees in achieving a healthy physical condition and gaining an understanding of healthy nutrition, which will give them more energy and provide an anti-stress effect.
  • 3 Step Anti-Stress Environment
    A physically uncomfortable work environment can lead to unhappy and stressed employees.

    Physical factors such as inadequate temperature, dry air (which contributes to the spread of bacteria, viruses and diseases among employees) and noisy environment lead to the accumulation of stress and feelings of dissatisfaction in the workplace.

    Through its services, our company will aim to provide your employees with a sense of comfort and safety, an anti-stress effect, and thus stimulate higher productivity.
  • 4 Step Community relationship
    To create a happier work environment, our company focuses on creating a sense of community.

    If the work team is not well coordinated, employees often waste energy and time and create conflicts within the team, which leads to a bad atmosphere, poor performance and increased stress.

    Biohack Corp will conduct tests, determine the psychological types of employees, and arrange teams accordingly so that they feel comfortable working and collaborating together.
  • 5 Step Physical Training
    We offer physical activity training to our clients.

    Due to a sedentary lifestyle, people are more likely to gain excess weight, acquire curvature of the spine and other health problems.

    Biohack Corp offers the solution to these problems by introducing daily warm-up breaks to tone up and maintain physical health.

    We offer physical activity training to our clients based on the patented method FITBALLET.®
  • 6 Step Mental Health Training
    The company also includes a spiritual component in its mental health services to clients.

    Biohack Corp's staff will explain that each of them brings great things to this world with their work.

    The company conducts meditation training and introduces meditation into the client's daily routine.

    This will help reduce stress and anxiety caused by constant multitasking, use of gadgets, lack of focus, and other stressful situations.

    Biohack Corp's mental health training will also help your employees to improve their focus and concentration, thus increasing their effectiveness.